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Wed 11th November 2020TAO prepares study for telecommunications in South America

TAO is awarded international telco study. Rural connectivity for day-to-day telecommunications and internet with a fibre optic network is looking increasingly too expensive to deploy over larger distances. This is a major issue throughout the world and even more so for settlements located in dense jungle areas or in remote valleys.

TAO is currently working on a study for the use of so-called disruptive technologies for the expansion of data transmission networks which can be used on its variable altitude lighter than air platforms. These platforms include low to ground-based telecommunications vessels or high-flying stratospheric platforms (HAPs) such as the TAO SkyDragon.

Together with a local telecommunications partner in South America, TAO was awarded this telecommunications study in a two-stage selection process and was successful having been able to evidence its track record and know-how based on nearly 30 years of international flight experience. The study will be compiled by the end of 2021.