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Mon 03rd December 2018World Leading High Altitude Platform Company Sets up Headquarters and Factory Operations in Scotland

MACC Business Park, located on the former RAF Machrihanish air base near Campbeltown, Scotland, have signed an MOU with TAO Tech UK LTD to develop part of its site as a High Altitude Platform and altitude satellite launch location. TAO Tech will manufacture its aerial vehicles eventually at the site which will also act as a Nano satellite space port. CASLES (CapAm Space Launch Engineering Solutions) LTD, and their UK Space Launch Consortium Members, CST, AEL, Nammo and SpacePort1, and their partner, QinetiQ Ltd, are working to support TAO Tech’s exciting Space Launch Programme.

About TAO Technologies Group
The TAO Group is one the of world’s leading High Altitude Platform developers, specialising in designing and building robust, reliable, highly capable, reusable and cost-effective aero-vehicles, known as SkyDragon.

The SkyDragon product is a unique class of vehicle that can travel safely to an altitude of around 60,000ft, to the beginning of the region of the atmosphere known as “Near Space”, carrying a payload of up to one tonne. The SkyDragon can carry out its operations for weeks (either on station or following a flight path) and then return safely to the Earth’s surface, ready for re-use. SkyDragons are designed to address civilian and military missions. It is also designed to address civilian uses for scientific, regulatory monitoring, disaster and humanitarian response (for emergency communications particularly in remote areas, where the telecommunication infrastructure and the antenna masts are destroyed).

The SkyDragon platform has an additional capability of being able to deliver emergency supplies to military/ communities/ scientific teams by means of a steerable parachute-descending sub-drone.

This leading edge technology has been developed by TAO Technologies GmbH Germany and will be further developed, produced, commercialised and operated internationally by TAO Technologies Ltd UK from its British Headquarters.

Press Contact: Mr Glenn Jones, Managing Director, Head of Business Department, TAO Technologies UK Ltd, email: